Who we are

“R-Lief is a story of passion and innovation in the footwear business, born more than 20 years ago.
Our mission is to give back freedom of movement and improve the lives of all people suffering from foot diseases."


The founder Enio Bianchi realized that there was a strong demand for hypoallergenic shoes, but he couldn’t find a high-quality product on the market that met the needs of people suffering from foot conditions. He decided to delve into this world and analyze the allergens and chemicals commonly used in shoe manufacturing, including the most common ones like chromium and formaldehyde in the upper part of the shoe and vulcanization accelerators in the sole.

The R-Lief team conducted numerous studies, even involving specialist doctors to identify foot-related pathologies. Subsequently, with the help of technicians, they conducted in-depth research and countless material tests to discover how these substances, in contact with the skin, increased sensitivity and irritation. By employing the best technologies to solve these problems, they arrived at the final product.

Thus, in 2020, R-Lief was born, which stands for “Relief,” a new company dedicated to the production of hypoallergenic shoes, designed and manufactured in Italy.

Today, R-Lief designs and manufactures all its products in Italy, distributing them worldwide. Its innovative and unique shoe has restored freedom of movement to thousands of people with foot conditions. R-Lief is highly attentive to the needs of its customers and continues to innovate every day through constant research into new materials and advanced technologies. The company’s mission is to create shoes that improve people’s health and well-being, without compromising on quality and style.



Health and design combined in a unique brand.

R-lief was born from our deep knowledge of ACD (allergic contact dermatitis) and other major allergies related to footwear. Thanks to the experience we have gained over the years alongside our customers and to a research and development team supporting us, we have created the first shoe that is specific for this disorder. Not a “medical” shoe but a comfortable skin-friendly sneaker that you can wear every day, even if you simply wish to prevent foot irritation.

Made in Italy with an international scope, our project blends health and design, experience and innovation, passion and scientific rigour into a sneaker brand that can really improve people’s quality of lifeA step forward to wellness.

The APMA Seal of Acceptance is granted to products found to promote good foot health.

To earn the seal, each product is reviewed by a group of APMA podiatrists to ensure it promotes foot health. The committee also looks at information on the product’s safety and quality control.



We believe in a well-defined code of ethics, starting from the choice of products, suppliers and after-sales assistance

These principles guide all of R-Lief's activities and are critical to our long-term success. We are committed to responsibly and sustainably growing our business, creating value for our customers, employees, suppliers, and society at large. Our top priority is research and development to ensure that individuals suffering from foot diseases or disorders can regain their freedom.