Allergic contact dermatitis: from causes to treatments.
WHAT IS ALLERGIC CONTACT DERMATITIS? Allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) is a skin inflammation or irritation caused by your skin getting in contact with substances that trigger an immune response. Let's take a quick look at its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, affected areas and possible treatments.
Allergic contact dermatitis on your feet. Where is your itching located?
Back, sole or lateral surface: allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) can affect any area of your foot and develop erythema, eczema and blisters. Based on the location of the skin redness, you can determine which part of a shoe contains the allergen.
Foot irritation? It may be ACD
Do you have severe itching in your foot? Are your feet red and swollen with patches, rashes and annoying blisters? You may be suffering from ACD (allergic contact dermatitis). The good news is that changing shoes could give you a lot of relief.