Foot irritation? It may be ACD

Do you have severe itching in your foot? Are your feet red and swollen with patches, rashes and annoying blisters? You may be suffering from ACD (allergic contact dermatitis). The good news is that changing shoes could give you a lot of relief.

Our experience with clients with ACD informs us that many people are totally unaware of suffering from this disorder. Some would step into our store with bandaged feet but had never investigated the cause of their irritation. Few had been to a specialist, almost none of them had ever undergone a patch test. This is because ACD is a disorder that is generally underestimated until it becomes severe. 

If, after being in contact with a shoe, your foot shows redness, rash or eczema, it is very likely that you’re allergic to chromium salts or other allergens such as nickel or formaldehyde. The only way to know exactly is to carry out a patch test that exposes the foot to a variety of materials. If you test positive, you’re suffering from ACD. 

Knowing the origin of your ailments should not be a tragedy but a starting point to find an adequate solution. Though contact dermatitis does not heal, the good news is that a sneaker can now help you keep it under control, as it is exclusively built with materials that are free of chromium salts, nickel and all the major allergens that cause irritation. It’s called R-lief because it can give you the relief you’re looking for.